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California Clubhouse is a community of recovery, hope, and dignity for people struggling with mental illness.

Working in collaboration with existing programs, Clubhouse will provide a place for people with mental illness to go during the day to find meaningful work; socialize with others and develop friendships; enjoy low-cost, nutritious meals; make progress in overcoming obstacles to education, employment, housing, and health; participate in running the clubhouse; develop talents and strengths; receive emotional support; and otherwise work towards better health. Membership is free, voluntary, and good for life.

Clubhouse is an evidenced-based, cost-effective and replicable model, which produces substantive outcomes in employment, schooling, housing and general wellness.


Visit California Clubhouse Website to learn more and/or participate.

Many people outside of the San Mateo area are active participants in bring a new Clubhouse to San Mateo County. These socially minded people include those in:

The Los Angeles/Orange County Area:

Robin Collins

Peter and JoAnn Fuerbringer

Matthew Fuerbringer

Winona Fuerbringer

Shanta Herzog

Marilyn and Robert Johnson

Alexandra and Charles Kivowitz

Nicole and John Ruskey

Pierce and Alexis Selwood

Jon and Samantha Stark

Berkeley Area 

Mary Combs

Whitney van Nouhuys

The Portland Area

Jonathan Selwood

The Cleveland, Ohio Area

Peter and Allison Catanzaro

Linda and Phillip Catanzaro

California Clubhouse is Part of A Global Movement
“The emergence of Clubhouses around the world demonstrates that people with mental illness can successfully participate in society through education, employment and other social activities.  Clubhouses offer people who have mental illness hope and opportunities to achieve their full human potential.” From Clubhouse International,

     California Clubhouse’s  Mission 

The mission of California Clubhouse is to give those whose lives have been disrupted by mental illness the opportunity to recover meaningful work and relationships as they reintegrate into the broader community.

    California Clubhouse’s Vision

The clubhouse we envision for San Mateo County is a community of recovery, hope, and dignity, empowering people who live with mental illness through work, friendship, resources, support, and an overarching ethic that focuses on building strengths rather than managing illness.

California Clubhouse’s Recovery Approach

Clubhouse is a restorative, social/vocational community where people living with persistent mental illness come to rebuild their lives.

Recovery is based on a “working community” which addresses the isolation and social stigmatization faced by people with mental illness and emphasizes personal choice, professional and patient collaboration and the need for a sense of belonging, purpose and vitality.  

California Clubhouse Values




Sense of Belonging

Sense of Purpose

Visit California Clubhouse Website to learn more and/or participate.

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