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California Clubhouse Hires Executive Director

We’re thrilled to announce the hiring of our Executive Director! Erica Horn has accepted the position and will start April 23. Erica brings tremendous knowledge and energy to our program. For the past 10 years she has been at HERO House–a Clubhouse in Bellevue, WA which she launched and built, in collaboration with a strong board and community. Prior to that she was at Evergreen Clubhouse for five years, and has worked for 11 years on the Clubhouse International faculty, accrediting Clubhouse programs across the globe.

Erica is highly regarded throughout the Clubhouse International community, having achieved accreditation for Hero House in record time, and for achieving financial sustainability even as other Clubhouses struggled during the financial downturn. Erica grew up in the Bay Area and is enthusiastic about returning to her family and connections here. She is an exceptional leader and we are extremely fortunate to have her join the team.

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